Thursday, May 21, 2015

one last time

May 18, 2015

Welp, this is it.  I finally made it to this point.  I can´t believe my time is up.  It still doesn´t feel real.  I hadn´t been telling anyone here that I was leaving, I didn´t want to seem trunky, but yesterday when we were in church I started to say goodbye to people and let them know that I was going.  In branch council in the afternoon, someone announced that it was my last Sunday and everyone was really sad.  I´ve been here for four months, my longest time in any sector, and they all were sad to see me go.  The Relief Society president asked us to go to her house that night to help her with something, and when we were running late since the elders asked for our help, she was calling and calling and calling until we got there.  We were a little confused as to why she was so persistent, when supposedly she just needed help pronouncing the names of the Apostles and the First Presidency, when we got there and realized they had made me a dinner and had invited some of the members over to bid me farewell--all last minute.  I was so touched and completely surprised, because I just wasn´t expecting it.  I really love the members here, and I´m so sad to have to leave them.  I feel right at home here.  I´m so grateful for the opportunity I´ve had to be here in Catamayo, it really is a special place.  All my mission I´ve met some truly amazing people and have learned so much.  I don´t know what kind of person I would have been if I had never gone on a mission.  It´s really the best decision I´ve ever made.  

But I am excited to see my family.  I love you all, and I wanted to ask a special favor.  This Sunday I´m going to be speaking in our ward in Temecula, and those of you that will be attending to see me speak, I wanted to let you know that the church meeting is not just that first hour; there are two more hours that are special classes that they have to instruct and help us learn and grow spiritually.  After the sacrament meeting (the first hour), I was going to stay to attend for all three hours, but I´d like to invite all of you if you can to stay as well, so that you can see what they are like and so that you can learn and grow as well.  It´s just an invitation, but I would be really pleased if you could stay.  

I love you all so much, and I´ll see you this week!

Hermana Iverson

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